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When to visit Montenegro

Balcony View - clouds flowers and Orahovac Kotor Bay with snow on the mountains sailing beach to the east Njegus valley

Snow on the mountains

 in Kotor Bay

Clouds creeping across

the bay

Flowers in July

Bathing on the beach

Sailing on the Boka

paddling in the Boka

Like most holiday places, the nightlife and the family fun is concentrated around July and August in the larger towns along the coast and on the fjord. But there are lots of  things you can do through out the year.

Montenegro is a country of two halves - the rugged mountains to the east and the coastland to the west divided by the narrow band of the central plains

The narrow coastal belt of beaches and coves enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with long dry, though not entirely rainless summers, and short mild but rather rainy winters.  The central plain is colder in the winter and warmer in the summer than the coast whilst in the mountain regions the climate is a typical sub alpine climate, with cold snowy winters and moderate summers.

THE SKI SEASON is from late December to the end of March, although on the hinterland the snow doesn't disappear until later.  However the snow very rarely reaches the Kotor Bay itself and at Orahovac you have the added advantage of enjoying the often spectacular views of the weather high in the mountains from the warmth and comfort of your balcony!

HIKING, CYCLING, TREKKING  and FISHING can be just as enjoyable in the winter as they are in the summer.

During April, May and June, the weather is pleasant (though with some rain) and is an ideal time for BOTANISTS and BIRDWATCHERS. During September and October, the trees will turn to glorious reds and coppers, whilst in September the water should still be warm enough for bathing.   And with its contrasting scenery and clear air, Montonegro is the photographer's and artist's  paradise through out the year!

The Climate..

The Ski Season

The Night Life

More daring activities abound - in the summer months, you can KAYAK or PARAGLIDE in the stunning Durmitor National Park, WHITE WATER RAFTING in the Tara Canyon. SAIL, SCUBA DIVE and WINDSURF or simply relax on the beaches and in the cafes. Or simply take leisurely strolls or drives down narrow lanes looking remarkably similar to Devon, enjoying the stark contrasts between the coastal inlets, the green rolling valleys with their alpine like villages, and the harsh mountain passes.  

Sporting and Leisure Activities