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& Kotor Bay


Set at the head of Kotor Bay and the fjord, Kotor is one of Europe's finest medieval towns.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage centre and no traffic is allowed within the old town walls.  This leaves the  visitor free to meander through the maze of narrow cobbled streets and explore the tiny alleyways.

Kotor inside old town

Inside the walls of Kotor Old Town

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The Old Town, (Stalig Grad), is a breathtaking mixture of churches, museums, palaces,  boutiques, pavement cafes,  restaurants and disco night clubs  


Outside the walls is the harbour - a popular stopping off point for cruise ships - lured up the fjord by the breathtaking scenery, welcoming atmosphere and the superb food, - and for the rich and famous in their  spectacular yachts


The semi circular old wall walk is a 'must to do', as is the walk to the fortress of St Ivan at the top but beware – with 1350 steps to climb its a bit much in the heat of the day though the views from the top are well worth the haul!

Kotor Bay

Kotor Bay is dotted with picturesque fishing villages mainy accessable only  by narrow little lanes - so hire the smallest car possible if you want to explore the region.  


Perast  with its plentiful restaurants and its beautifully restored houses and villas is probably the most well known in the area.

Although now a quiet fishing-village, Perast is a place with a glorious past and was once home to sea captains of great notoriety. The beautiful churches and ornate baroque palaces of these famous sea captains were built at the time Perast's fleet flourished and the town is one of the best preserved baroque areas in the Adriatic.

There are two small islets in the bay opposite Perast - the first, housing the Benedictine Monastery of St George, and the other, the Church of 'Our lady of the Rock' with its informative museum. Locals are more than willing to sail you across to visit them!


Unlike the fashionable coastal area, the Kotor Bay is still serene, without the gawdy trappings of seaside resorts. Restaurants, although plentiful, are often tucked away with some of the more exclusive in restored water mills like the Catovica Mlini in Morinj or the Stari Mlini (Old Mill) in Ljuta  just outside of Orahovac.


For those looking for a quieter holiday Kotor Bay is the place to be.